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  • Historical Roleplayer

    Strawbery Banke Museum
    Job Description

    Using Strawbery Banke’s buildings, collections, and landscapes, a Historical Roleplayer helps museum visitors connect their experiences and memories to the past through the portrayal of an individual living during a particular period in Portsmouth history. She/he uses a variety of approaches to communicate historical information, with a focus on providing an outstanding visitor experience.
    Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Conduct conversations with visitors of all ages, interests, abilities, and backgrounds to bring about new understandings of history and themselves

    • Develop in-depth knowledge of historical periods and individuals interpreted on site

    • Care for heirloom plants within a historical greenhouse and landscape, including watering, planting, weeding, dead heading, and flower harvesting

    • Utilize 19th century gardening techniques and become familiar with identifying plants appropriate to 19th century Victorian garden design

    • Assist in protecting the safety of visitors and the security of museum collections

    • Maintain a professional demeanor; cultivate good relations with colleagues; and represent the museum in a positive light

    • Work punctually on a tightly timed schedule

    • Participate in annual and ongoing training to build professional knowledge in historical content, interpretive techniques, and educational theory 


    • Bachelor of Arts degree; coursework in horticulture, history, art history, museum studies, anthropology, or education preferred;  - or - Combination of education, training, and  experience that demonstrates equivalent proficiency

    • Knowledge of and interest in American history, botany, gardening, or other related topics

    • Excellent public speaking skills and ability to work enthusiastically with audiences of all ages, abilities, and cultural backgrounds

    • Experience in acting, theatre, or improvisation

    • Ability to read, remember, and transmit accurate content according to interpretive goals

    • Sound judgment in response to challenging situations

    • Ability to accomplish a variety of garden work plans independently 

    This is a seasonal position (May – October) and weekend work is required. Must be willing to work indoors and out, in all weather conditions, while dressed in accurate historical garments.

    To apply, send cover letter and resume to:
    Kylee Noga, Human Resources Coordinator

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