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  • 3S Artspace - new exhibit in the Gallery: woven female landscape

    PORTSMOUTH—3S Artspace announces upcoming exhibit in the Gallery at 3S Artspace: woven female landscape, featuring the works of Linda Pagani, on exhibit Nov. 20, 2020 through Jan. 3, 2021. Exhibits at 3S are free and open to the public.

    woven female landscape is a series of sculptures and installations reflecting on tradition, domesticity, and sensuality of the female form through textile, paper, and porcelain.

    The materials themselves represent qualities long associated with femininity - soft, delicate, and fine,” said artist Linda Pagani. “The organic shapes of the objects in the work reference the cultural history of being female, with beauty, purity, and ‘women’s work’ at the center. The perpetual story of the female condition is told through the color white, chronicling topics from submission to resistance, solidarity to fissure.”

    “What first drew us to Linda’s work was her ability to truly transform a space. Visiting this exhibit offers immersion in a feeling first. Monochromatic. Cohesive. Expansive. Then, after having entered the space, you can further appreciate the textures, pieces and details,” said Beth Falconer, Executive Director of 3S Artspace.

    Pagani explained the genesis of the work, “ In late 2018, I was reflecting on current events regarding women’s issues and it felt as if we were slipping backwards, un-doing the work of pioneering women of past generations. In one of my morning creative workouts, I made small sculptures of cheesecloth, quickly fashioning it to resemble articles of clothing, without much concern of the outcome.”

    “Looking at the results, I noticed that all the objects were associated with prescribed femininity or societal expectations of women: the wedding veil, handkerchief, lingerie, apron. It seemed poignant to me that the cloth was white, transparent, and normally used for domestic purposes,” Pagani said. “I couldn’t help but connect all these points to the female story and how complex it is to be a woman today. This led to weaving a narrative into a visual realization of crucible female experiences.”

    Beth Falconer said, “Linda’s desire to bring the traditional forward, and make it a part of the contemporary narrative about identity, is also compelling. We appreciate that her work offers the opportunity for cross-generational representation, reflection and questions related to identity. Where has influence been recognized or ignored? How did women find and build creative community in the past? How can we still reach out and create together?”

    Visitors to the exhibit will be able to view a collection of 200+ porcelain vessels cast from measuring cups titled I’mperfect which, when displayed together, vibrate with their natural glow.

    “The vessels reference the question females may ask: ‘do we ever measure up?’” Pagani said. “As a teen, idealizing the ‘perfect female’ on magazine covers; as a young adult, trying to be smart, attractive, talented; as a mother nurturing, present, and managerial, and with one foot in the professional door; as a spouse, partnering with another while evolving as an individual; and now at the tail end of child-rearing, thinking that society, in many ways, discards the value of aging females.”

    Pagani continued, “[The vessels] are made through a process using a mold, which enables for making multiples, reproducing the originals almost perfectly. It is through the repetitive action of this mass production that the work evolved into a commentary on perfectionism.”

    The most expansive piece in the exhibit is the Garden of Eve installation which will start off with 3,000 paper pieces and will grow over the duration of the exhibit with contributions from the public.

    “When we were selecting work for 2020 and 2021, we particularly emphasized exhibitions that included an opportunity for public interaction and participation,” said Beth Falconer. “Little did we know how challenging this would become! Fortunately, Linda devised a way for some of our Family Level Members to participate ahead of time. Those individuals can be on the lookout for a special envelope in the coming days! Once the exhibit opens, Linda has also come up with a way for all visitors to safely add to that installation’s growth over time.”

    “The Garden of Eve alludes to the pursuit of women to advance and expand their capacity beyond traditional gender roles,” Pagani said. “It is a visual reminder of what we can achieve through a collective effort, whether managing work and family through a health crisis, fighting for economic equality, or supporting women in positions of leadership.”

    Pagani has invited participants from across New England to fold the paper cutouts into flower-like shapes, helping to start the garden. As the exhibit opens at 3S Artspace, the Garden of Eve will continue to grow as visitors are invited to fold more flowers to be added to the installation.

    Visitors to the woven female landscape exhibit in the Gallery at 3S this winter will feel they are entering a sanctuary, and a place of reflection.

    “In all of my work, I use minimal gestures and quiet aesthetics to leave space for interpretation,” Pagani said. “While the exhibit is about the female landscape, it is also about hope, love, and compassion. When we tend to our gardens with care, we cultivate well-being and resilience.”


    woven female landscape is generously supported by Lead Exhibit Sponsor, WINTER HOLBEN architecture + design. 

    Additional support by Margolin Consulting, Graphic Details, Signature Escrow & Title Services, and Blaze Yoga and Pilates.

    Thank you to our Reopening Sponsors: Kennebunk Savings, Aland Realty, Ricci Lumber, Portwalk Place.

    Thank you to our year-round Lead Sponsors: The Franklin, Raka, PixelMEDIA, and The Stebbins


    3S Artspace staff has implemented enhanced health and safety measures as advised by the state of New Hampshire and the CDC. For example, visitors will be limited to 10 people at a time in the Gallery and masks will be required. Visitors can learn more in the “Health & Safety” section of the 3S Artspace website.



    Coinciding with the Gallery exhibits, 3S Artspace has launched a virtual Gallery experience (at www.galleryat3S.org ) for those who are not ready or able to visit 3S Artspace in person as a way to stay connected to 3S from home. The virtual exhibits will have a 3D virtual tour of the Gallery space, as well as hi resolution images of works in the exhibit.


    Gallery exhibition dates: November 20, 2020 - January 3, 2021.

    Free and open to the public.

    More info on woven female landscape: https://www.3sarts.org/gallery/woven-female-landscape

    Visit 3S Artspace’s virtual Gallery: www.galleryat3S.org


    Visit 3SARTS.ORG for more information.

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