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    February 05, 2018
    Exeter Job & Resource Fair: NH Employment Security is sponsoring a Job & Resource Fair that is occurring on March 15th, 2018 from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM. If you are interested in participating in this event, please see the attached flyer and registration form. You can submit the registration form by either emailing it back to me, or to the email address on the form itself. (If you have already registered for this- you do not have to re-submit again).

    Employer Seminar: The Somersworth NHWorks office is hosting an Employer Seminar on March 14th, 2018  from 1:00 PM until 3:00 PM. The topic of this seminar is ‘Top Ten Labor Law Violations’ and will be presented by a Department of Labor representative. Attached you will find the flyer for this event. If you are interested in attending this event, please email me to advise of your attendance. (if you have already advised me of your attendance, you are all set to attend).
    Recruitment events: Recruitment events involves picking a time and date to hold interviews at the NHWorks office of your choosing. NHWorks would handle all of the advertising and schedule the interviews on your behalf. Once your open jobs are posted in the NHWorks Job Match System (JMS). We can certainly gather the information needed to schedule this event. We cannot guarantee a set number of people will express interest in the position(s) you are recruiting for. However, many employers have had success finding candidates through this method. If interested in scheduling an event at either the Portsmouth or Somersworth office, please email me to start that process.

    Return To Work (RTW) Program: This training program is a great way to try out a candidate before accepting them on as a full time employee. The candidate can train with you for up to 6 weeks, up to 24 hours per week, at no cost to your company. If they are collecting unemployment benefits, they would continue to collect these benefits instead of being paid directly by the company. (Employment Security would even cover the Worker’s Compensation during this time). If this sounds like something that may be of interest, please let me know. I can send you further information regarding the program itself.

    HIRE Vets Medallion Program Demonstration: The HIRE Vets Medallion Program Demonstration is now accepting applications! The Program Demonstration will recognize job creators for their investments in recruiting, employing, and retaining our nation’s veterans. The Program Demonstration will allow the Department of Labor’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (DOL VETS) to initially run applications, raise awareness of the HIRE Vets Medallion Program, and enable more employers to prepare to successfully garner recognition when the Program launches in 2019. The Program Demonstration will use the same criteria the HIRE Vets Medallion Program will use in 2019. The Program Demonstration has no application fee and is limited to the first 300 applicants. Job creators of all sizes can apply online at www.hirevets.gov. For more information, visit www.dol.gov/vets