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    Offer Valid: 08/29/2022 - 11/20/2022
    Check out "The River's Fifteen Thirty" campaign
    TITLE:  The “Fifteen-Thirty” Campaign on 92.5 the River
    WHAT:  A radio advertising schedule utilizing short duration commercials (50% 15-second and 50% 30-second) with high frequency and maximum reach.
    HOW:   The campaign features 30 commercials per week (Mon-Sun 6am-8pm primetime) on a pulsating on-a-week; off-a-week schedule with a total of 6 purchased weeks over 3 months.  This high frequency campaign creates the illusion of constant on-air saturation at 50% of the cost. 
    WHY:  This radio campaign will create maximum top-of-mind awareness and maximum frequency at a fraction of the cost generally associated with successful 60-second retail radio campaigns.
    INVESTMENT:  $1,530 per week | $9,180 for 3 months
    • Commercials: 30x per week | 180 over 3 months
    • AUR:  $51
    • % of WXRV Audience Reached:  71%
    • Unique Adults 35-64 Reached:  317,300
    • Frequency:  Each listener will hear your message 3.5 times.
    • Gross Impressions:  1,098,000 (net reach x frequency = gross impressions)
    • CPM:  The campaign delivers a $8.36 cost-per-thousand