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  • Seacoast Board of Realtors Wows 2021 Charity of Choice Step Up Parents with Whopping Donation

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    PORTSMOUTH—On Dec. 2, 2021, the Seacoast Board of Realtors presented its 2021 Charity of Choice, Step Up Parents, with a check for $26,882 – a staggeringly generous donation that will allow the Portsmouth-based nonprofit to help kinship care families throughout New Hampshire better manage the difficult winter months ahead.

    “I have seen first-hand the benefit that a kinship caregiver can have in a child’s life,” said Barbara Lemieux, executive officer of SBR. “Thank you for all you do for these families. On behalf of the members of the Seacoast Board of Realtors, it has been an honor to support Step Up Parents this year.”

    “As a proud member of the Seacoast Board of Realtors and its affiliates,” said Step Up Parents Board member Katie Fontana, “I am grateful for the generosity and hard work of my fellow members to support Step Up Parents as its Charity of Choice 2021.”  

    As a direct-assistance organization, Step Up Parents provides financial and material support to kinship caregivers raising children whose parents struggle with substance use disorder. Many of these caregivers are grandparents on fixed incomes.

    “We are proud to have been chosen as SBR’s Charity of Choice for 2021 and simply overwhelmed at this incredible gift,” said Step Up Parents President Denyse Richter. “The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating for so many kinship care families in our communities. This donation will ensure that we will be there to help them better navigate these uncertain times.”

    If you or someone you know is a relative caregiver raising children of a loved one struggling with substance misuse, please visit www.stepupparents.net,  call 603-319-4739, or email info@stepupparents.net. 

    To make a donation to Step Up Parents, please visit www.stepupparents.net/donate or mail to PO Box 1603, Portsmouth, NH, 03801.    

    About Step Up Parents
    Founded in 2019 and based in Portsmouth, NH, Step Up Parents offers financial assistance and support to relative caregivers in New Hampshire who have selflessly stepped up to be surrogate parents to kids whose biological parents struggle with substance use disorder. The organization is dedicated to honoring the efforts of these caregivers, preserving their dignity, and responding to their families’ immediate needs.  Step Up Parents believes that even heroes need a hand.