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  • Take these tipping points to heart during the pandemic

    Tipping—love it or leave it we hope that you are able to leave your usual gratuities—or more during this time of COVID-19. 

    It is no secret that restaurant staff base wages are not wonderful (see Tip #4.) A Harris Poll conducted exclusively for Fast Company finds that while 19% of Americans say they tip less than they did before COVID-19, it also finds that 21% report tipping more often than they used to. And 40% say their tipping habits haven’t changed at all.

    However you tip, here are some tipping reminders excerpted from the Portsmouth City Manager's Advisories. Please order in or out or takeout or delivery and add in what you can for gratuity. It counts. A lot!

    TIP #1 – Remember to tip service staff when ordering takeout. Every little bit helps!

    TIP #2 – On takeout deliveries, don't confuse the delivery charge listed on your bill with the tip — that fee doesn't go to the driver or the restaurant.

    TIP #3 – Restaurant workers often pool their tips, so your tip also supports all of the hourly staff.

    Tip #4 – In the state of New Hampshire, restaurant staff can be paid as little as $3.26 per hour, if they receive more than $30 a month in tips from their customers. The extra you leave as a tip can make a real difference. Thank you! 

    TIP #5 – From a restaurant server: “Honestly, people have been very generous! But I would just add that because people have been locked down for so long, they tend to sit for HOURS. We’re never going to kick people out, but they should be aware that we make more money when we turn tables. So, either tip accordingly or move on."

    TIP #6 – Though a restaurant will make its money on takeout orders, the server who depends on in-house diners for their tips loses out on that money. Please consider tipping the server who hands you your takeout order, especially if they bring it to your car for curbside pick up.

    Have you got a tip to add? Share it with us!