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  • Have you filed for your Employee Retiention Credits?

    Have you filed for your Employee Retention Credits? 

    Many small businesses received PPP loans during the pandemic as part of the Cares Act, but most do not realize the program was expanded in January 2021 so businesses can now qualify for ERC's. If you retained your employees during the pandemic timeframe (March 2020 - September 2021) your business could qualify for up to $26k per W2 employee! 

    If you received PPP, we are seeing an average of $10k per W2 employee. Bottom Line Concepts is the largest business today assisting small businesses with this complicated filing with the IRS.  Contact Susan Sarmiento and she can help get your business qualified! 

    Bottom Line Concepts works with businesses that had 5+ employees over the pandemic timeframe (does not include owners or immediate family.)

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