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  • Step Up Parents raises $17,463 at 10th Annual Spinning Generosity

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    PORTSMOUTH—Step Up Parents entered the holiday season in high spirits. The nonprofit recently participated in its first Spinning Generosity, an annual weeklong fundraising event hosted by Portsmouth fitness guru Liz Forkel of LizFit. This year, the event raised more than $119,000 for seven local nonprofits.  With the support of some local financial institutions, Step Up Parents (SUP) surpassed its Spinning Generosity fundraising goal of $10,000, raising a total of $17,463.
    Service Credit Union was the top donor, and their $5,000 donation helped propel the SUP team of 18 volunteer riders past their fundraising goal.
    “We are proud to support Step Up Parents in the 10th annual Spinning Generosity fundraiser,” said Wendy Beswick, VP of Marketing. “Step Up plays a crucial role in helping support New Hampshire children by providing essential resources to their caregivers, and we are so grateful for their efforts.”
    Sponsoring two employees to ride for team SUP, Merrimack County Savings Bank donated $500 to the cause, and Bangor Savings Bank also stepped up giving $250 to the effort. With more than 130 total donations to SUP, Spinning Generosity was a great success.
    As a direct-assistance organization, SUP provides financial and material support to kinship caregivers raising children whose parents struggle with substance use disorder. This kind of support is more important than ever as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the cost of food, clothing, and energy.
    “The pandemic has had a devastating impact on so many kinship families,” said Step Up Parents founder, Denyse Richter. “With heating costs on the rise, we are seeing a real uptick in applications for assistance. With the generous donations from Service Credit Union, Merrimack County Savings Bank, and Bangor Savings Bank, many more kinship care families will receive support for their individual needs, like daycare costs, clothing, baby supplies, or utility bills.” SUP gave assistance to more than 100 kinship families in 2021. 
    If you or someone you know is a relative caregiver raising children of a loved one struggling with substance misuse, please visit www.stepupparents.net, call 603-319-4739, or email info@stepupparents.net.
    To donate to Step Up Parents, please visit www.stepupparents.net/donate or mail to PO Box 1603, Portsmouth, NH 03801.   

    About Step Up Parents
    Founded in 2019 and based in Portsmouth, Step Up Parents offers financial assistance and support to relative caregivers in New Hampshire who have selflessly stepped up to be surrogate parents to kids whose biological parents struggle with substance use disorder. It is dedicated to honoring the efforts of these caregivers, preserving their dignity, and responding to their families’ immediate needs. Step Up Parents believes that even heroes need a hand.