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  • The Bangor Savings Bank Foundation generously supports Step Up Parents with $7,500 grant

    PORTSMOUTH—The Bangor Savings Bank Foundation has partnered with Portsmouth-based Step Up Parents to advance its mission of helping kinship families in New Hampshire and now Southern Maine in 2023 with a $7,500 grant.
    "The Bangor Savings Bank Foundation is proud to partner with Step Up Parents to support and recognize relative caregivers in New Hampshire and Southern Maine," said Wendy O'Sullivan, VP, Branch Manager II. Bangor Savings Bank has been a proud supporter of Step Up Parents since it began in 2019.
    Because of the generous support of organizations like the Bangor Savings Bank Foundation, and the immense need, 2023 will be the first year Step Up Parents extends its support into Maine.
    "Having community partners like Bangor Savings Bank and the Bangor Savings Bank Foundation has been a huge part of our success in meeting the needs of our families," said Denyse Richter, executive director and founder of Step Up Parents. "With their support, we have been able to meet the increasing demand for assistance and realize our goal of expanding our services into Southern Maine to help answer the call of kinship families in those communities."
    If you or someone you know is a relative caregiver raising children of a loved one struggling with substance misuse, please visit www.stepupparents.org, call (603) 319-4739, or email info@stepupparents.org.
    We rely solely on donations. To donate, please visit www.stepupparents.org/donate or mail to PO Box 1603, Portsmouth, NH, 03801. 
    About Step Up Parents:
    Founded in 2019 and based in Portsmouth, Step Up Parents offers financial assistance to relative caregivers in New Hampshire who have selflessly stepped up to raise children whose parents struggle with substance use disorder. We are dedicated to honoring the efforts of these caregivers, preserving their dignity, and responding to their families' immediate needs. Step Up Parents believes that "even heroes need a hand."The Bangor Savings Bank Foundation Generously Supports Step Up Parents with $7,500 Grant
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