• Cleo Villafores

  • Cleo Villafores, Aileen Dugan State Farm Insurance

    I would highly recommend joining the chamber.  The current leadership has done an excellent job of making community even better and being part of the Chamber will not only help their business grow but it will open up other opportunities

    Why did you decide to join the Chamber? 

    I decided to join to become part of a group of professionals that want to grow their business and be part of this active community.  I love to learn from others and this is one of the best ways to connect with likeminded individuals .‚Äč

    What is a Chamber benefit that you feel is helpful to you and your industry, specifically? 

    Meeting new people and learning of ways to grow.  I have received lots of referrals and those who are new to the community feel like they have a trusted advisor in me when they try to connect with services we offer in Portsmouth. 

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    Cleo can be reached via email.