• Initiatives

  • Current Affairs

    We're your governmental relations team tracking important issues in our community, state, region and country that will impact your business and our qualityof life. We utilize our strength in numbers to share the business community's concerns with our elected leadership so they can effectively represent us. With 700 businesses in our membership representing over 30,000 local employees we have a strong voice that gets noticed. 

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    • Public Policy Committee Presented by Eversource
      The Public Policy Committee keeps track of important issues and legislation that is relevant to our community. The Public Policy Committee hosts educational opportunities for business leaders to learn more about important issues facing our community and businesses.  These free events are our opportunity to learn together from regional experts so we can make informed decisions. 

    • Information
      We keep you informed. In our communications with you there will be updates on relevant topics. We work closely with the City and State to keep you informed on various projects or issues facing our community.

    • Advocacy
      From time to time the Chamber Board of Directors will direct the Chamber staff to advocate on behalf of our community on a particular issue. We work closely with our local, state, and federal representatives to advocate for a high quality of life and a great business climate.

  • Tourism

    Portsmouth has been a popular destination for centuries. With more and more competition around the globe, it is vital that Portsmouth keep its place as a premier destination - and we do just that. We are the team behind GoPortsmouthNH.com and we work day in and day out to promote our community.

    • Marketing
      It seems like every week there is an article about Portsmouth or we are on a top 10 list in a publication. This doesn’t happen by chance. Our team is constantly sharing information about our community with media throughout the country and abroad to help craft these pieces that promote the Seacoast.

    • Events
      We are proud to be the organizers of some of our community's flagship events, including Restaurant Week Portsmouth and the Seacoast, Cocktail Week and Hit the Decks to name a few. Find more information on these great events at the Signature Events page.

    • Visitor Center / Kiosk
      We love to show our visitors a good time! The team of experts in our Visitor Center on Market Street and the Visitor Information Kiosk in Market Square know just where to send our visitors for that perfect cocktail, a dinner out, the latest fashions, or whatever fits their fancy. We welcome visitors from all over the country and beyond, and we are proud to serve as our community's hosts.

  • Education

  • State of the State and State of the City
    The Governor presents an address to the membership at State of the State event, and the City Manager and Mayor present at the State of the City. As opportunities present themselves we will expand these offerings.

  • Business Development Series 
    We feature experts from our community and the region to share their knowledge with us during a two hour morning program. The topics vary from month to month and we are always looking for suggestions on the next great session.

  • Power.Biz Hour Presented by TD Bank
    Let’s put lunch to work for growing our businesses. We host these one hour sessions on a variety of topics once a month. We hope to see you at the next one. Check the events calendar for details.

  • Networking

    We are connectors. We want you to meet clients, colleagues and companies that can help you grow your business. We offer many networking opportunities throughout the month and if that sounds too formal to you, just come and have a coffee or cocktail with us, and our team of staff and volunteers will make you feel at home. Check out these upcoming networking events!


    We know people and we are happy to connect you with the right resources to grow your business. New Hampshire and the Seacoast has lots of resources to help. Organizations like UNH, SCORE, NH Small Business Development Corporation or the NH High Tech Council are just an email away.  Let us know how we can help.