• Elaine Apatang

  • Elaine Apatang, One Revolution Realty

    Why did you decide to join the Chamber? 

    I enjoy connecting with people and fostering relationships with them. The Chamber is instrumental for this, plus it offers several member benefits, including networking opportunities, access to valuable resources like education and marketing, community engagement, and the chance to contribute to advocacy and other efforts, and more.

    What is a Chamber benefit that you feel is helpful to you and your industry, specifically? 

    Networking events are a valuable benefit for real estate professionals. These monthly events are held at various time slots (morning, lunch, after hours) and provide opportunities to connect with other businesses, leading to partnerships and referrals. Additionally, participating in these events offers insights on local market trends and developments, which help improve business strategies and client services.

    If someone told you they were planning to join the Chamber, what advice would you give them about making the most of their membership? 

    My advice is to start their membership without delay and immediately make the most of member benefits. Check out the Events calendar to see what events are scheduled, actively participate in these events, and begin to make connections.

    “Because of my membership in the Chamber I…” 

    I am expanding my professional network, have access to valuable resources, and actively contribute to the growth of my business and to the local community. Additionally, as a Chamber Ambassador, I enjoy the fun and fulfilling role of promoting and representing the Chamber.

    Learn More:

    Elaine can be reached via email.