• Art & Jen Meconi

  • Art & Jen Meconi, Meconi Financial Management & Advisory

    We have made great connections here in Portsmouth through our involvement with the Chamber.  An example of this is when we came up with the idea to host the launch party for Portsmouth Living Magazine at a Morning Mixer

    Why did you decide to join the Chamber? 

    To complement our marketing strategy and expand our network in Portsmouth.

    What is a Chamber benefit that you feel is helpful to you and your industry, specifically? 

    Part of our Practice’s value proposition is to enhance the client experience by having a network of Estate Planning Attorneys, CPAs, etc. to partner with to serve the needs of the client. Joining the Chamber helped develop those relationships in Portsmouth.

    Through the Chamber, we have developed a highly successful referral relationship with a Portsmouth area Estate Planning Attorney.

    C&C Group encourages deeper relationships with the other professionals in the group leading to enhance business / networking opportunities

    If someone told you they were planning to join the Chamber, what advice would you give them about making the most of their membership? 

    Put all the Chamber events on your calendar, you won’t be able to make all of them. You can plan around the events and if your schedule changes, there is an opportunity to go and meet other members.

    “Because of my membership in the Chamber We…” 

    We have grown our Practice in Portsmouth.

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    Contact my office, speak to my scheduling Assistant Linda to setup a lunch meeting or a late afternoon drink at the One Hundred Club.